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Recommended: Blundstone Boots Review

My Blundstones


I first heard about Blundstone Boots on a jet when I was flying to San Francisco. I was reading one of those magazines that you find in the pocket in the seat in front of you, and I came across an article about them.

I had been looking for a good pair of boots for a long time prior to that, but I just couldn't find a pair that felt right. By the time I finished reading the article, I was determined to try on a pair of Blundstones (Blunnies for short) as soon as possible.

After my flight touched-down in San Francisco I had a little time to kill, so I used Google Maps and found a Blunstone retailer just a few blocks from my hotel.

When I got to the shop, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting.... Most footwear retailers have shelves lining their walls so that they can showcase their wares. The outlets are always lit so that the boots and shoes look like they are being handed to you from some heavinly body. Not to mention there is almost always some young and attractive guy or girl who is keen to help you out.

That's not what this shop was like. No, this shop was small and kind of old/shabby, the "showcase" consisted of a couple of pairs of really, really used Blundstones, the lighting was poor, there were no shelves (just stacked boxes of boots), and there was one old guy with bad teeth there to help out.

But good showcases and lighting in big showrooms aren't what Blundstones are about.


As soon as I put on my first pair of these boots, I was sold. 

Sliding into a brand new pair feels like putting on your most comfortable boots/shoes... they feel like old friends that you've spent countless hours with. 

The old guy with bad teeth was actually really helpful, and the owner of the shop as it turns out. He spent most of the time sitting/halfway-laying on the floor as we chatted about Blundstones and their history. 

Blundstones are operated out of Australlia, and have been since the company was founded in 1870. The company focuses on producing a quality, comfortable, boot that can be worn whether you're digging ditches or going to an office party. 

There are a wide variety of models available as well... everything from the Blundstone Classic 500/550 series (my boot of choice), to steel-toed work boots, to cowboy boots. 

Also, most models come with an exchangeable insole so that if you feel like having a little more padding than their standard insole offers, you can just swap in the cushier one.


Good Recommendations Summary:

I can't say enough good things about these boots. They are both comfortable and rugged, while being stylish and durable. 

I bought my pair in a city hundreds of miles away from my home, with no chance of being able to return or exchange them. That's how much faith I had in these boots, and I was not disappointed. I recommend for Blundstone Boots.


Where to Buy them Online:

I feel safe in suggesting that you can buy a pair of these online. As long as you get the right size, I'm sure that these boots will feel great on your feet.