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Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement Review

Green coffee beans have really become popular as a weight loss solution over the last few months, largely in part due to Dr. Oz featuring them on his show. In spite of this fact, I decided to check them out to see how legit they are.

The first challenge to getting good information for this review was cutting through all of the pseudo-science and propaganda that is found online for green coffee beans. To do that, I looked into the primary component of green coffee beans that is supposed to aid in weight loss: chlorogenic acid.

To get good information on chlorogenic acid, I read through this long post with good citations over on The tldr; version of things is that there was indeed a study done on the effect of chlorogenic acid and weight loss, and there was shown to be a positive correlation between the two.

That said, I also discovered an article from Science-Based Medicine which claims that the methodology used in the study may have been flawed, and based on the data there, I agree. 

So, what's my verdict on green coffee bean supplements? 

To answer that, I look past the surface of things and ask, are there other benefits to chlorogenic acid intake? It turns out that there are!

Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to reduce blood pressure. In multiple studies, green coffee bean extract proved to have anti-hypertensive (blood pressure reducing) effects in both rats and humans.

Further, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract/supplements has also shown to have anti-oxidant properties. Basically, this means that it helps fight the formation of tumors.

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Looking back to the weight-loss potential of green coffee bean supplements, it turns out that the chlorogenic acid contained within may also inhibit carbohydrate uptake by up to 6.9%. Fewer carbs = less fat.

How's about health concerns? There doesn't appear to be any evidence of chlorogenic acid having harmful effects at all. However, there have been some reports of people having allergic reactions to green coffee bean supplements. It is believed that these reactions are due to the various herbs that are also contained within the supplements.

Good Recommendations Summary:

Though the most widely referenced study regarding the correlation of green coffee beans and weight loss has been shown to have had problems in their methodologies used, there seems to be ample evidence of many positive effects of the chlorogenic acid contained within these supplements.

There is also lots of anecdotal evidence indicating that these supplements have helped people lose a small-to-moderate amount of weight, or to get past weight-loss plateaus. 

Given the fact that there seem to be no harmful effects associated with green coffee bean extract supplements, I recommend this product to people who may be fighting with a weight loss plateau. These supplements could also be worth considering for their anti-oxidant and anti-hypertensive properties.

Please note that this article is a researched opinion article. I am not a health professional.