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MiniSuit Nexus 7 Smart Cover Case and Stand Review

A couple of months ago I began looking into a smart cover for my Nexus 7, and I happened upon the MiniSuit line of smart covers. After doing some research I found that most people are extremely happy with them, so I decided to request one through my work. I sent a link to the procurement officer to have him order me the MiniSuit Google Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Stand and Case

With that on order I began eagerly anticipating its arrival, and I shared my joy over on Google+. That's when someone told me that they had one and were very happy with it, but there is one gotcha with it: there is no tab key. 

For many people that is probably not a big deal, but I work as a coder, and the tab key is vital! Fortunately, I discovered that (of course) there is an app to remap key bindings in Android, so I decided that I would be able to make it work.

Fast forward to the day my new MiniSuit arrived: I began eagerly tearing into the packaging, and then I noticed that I didn't see a silvery aluminum finish, but a leather finish instead.

It turns out that my procurement officer ordered the wrong item and instead got me the MiniSuit Bluetooth Keyboard Dock + Smart Cover Case with Kickstand for Google Nexus 7. Fortunately, it ended up being a happy mistake. 

The case is well-built and feels to be of high-quality. It features a bluetooth keyboard that is magnetically held in place; it's worth noting that the magnets are very good and hold it firmly where it should be. The fact that the keyboard is removeable is great, as I like to read Kindle books or browse my social feeds while lying in bed, and being able to separate the keyboard means that I don't need to remove the Nexus 7 from the case.

Speaking of removing the Nexus 7 from its case, or in this case not removing it, I have not had to remove it ever since I put it in the case. This is due both to the aforementioned ability to remove the keyboard from the case, but also to the fact that the case is not unwieldy in my hand. I can simply fold the cover over its back and comfortably read while laying on my back.

The case does substantially increase the dimensions required to pack it into a travel bag or purse, but we are talking about a seven inch device, and the fact that you get a full keyboard out of the deal makes it more than worth it.

Speaking of the keyboard, and this is probably the best part of my accidentally getting this case: the keyboard has a tab key! 

How about charge time and battery life? Well, I've charged it once in the couple of months I've had it. I make sure to turn it off when I'm not using it, so the battery life has been great.

So, is there anything bad about this case/cover?

Well, not really. The only complaint that a person could have is that because it is a full keyboard, the keys are quite small. But really, what do you expect for a keyboard that is seven inches wide??

After a little bit of time working with it, I got used to the size of the keys. A person with large fingers may have some issues, though.

Good Recommendation Summary:

The smart covers offered by MiniSuit are of great quality, and the fact that you get not just the case but also a bluetooth keyboard--at less than $35.00 I might add--makes getting one of these a no-brainer. 

Additional Information:

I like to use the keyboard in conjunction with my Logitech Tablet Mouse for Android. With both of these, and the right apps, I turn my tablet into a full-fledged workstation that is great to use when I'm travelling, or even when I'm just sitting on the sofa.

Of course, if you're still wondering whether or not a Nexus 7 is for you--I highly recommend it. I consider it the best tablet on the market at this time.