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39 Great Health and Fitness Links

Get Fit

Last month I wrote about the Forever Body Transformation program, and I still highly recommend it for people who want a fitness program that will guide them into a healthier lifestyle. 

That said, I know that not everyone wants to pay for a program, and others prefer to do things themselves without a set program. So, that is why I've created this list of great health and fitness sites.

For some of the sites I include a description of what to expect, but in most cases it's best to just go and have a look around.

I've broken down this list into categories that best describe what is offered by the sites. All of the sites in this list are either free, or provide great information for free.

High Intensity Interval Training - One of my favorite sites. Krista posts workouts three days a week, and writes good blog posts on off-days. - A good article on "Power HIIT".


Athletic Training

AthleanX YouTube Channel - Jeff Cavalier runs the AthleanX program (which is a great program, by the way, but it does cost money). Fortunately, every single week he creates a free training video that you can view on his YouTube channel. 


Building Muscle - Arnold's website. Need I say more? - The forums here include posts and interaction with profession body building competitors.  - Lots of resources, including videos, and tools for tracking your progress, a forum, and more.


General Fitness - From the creators of Men's Health magazine, there is a tonne of good information here. - The same as the Men's Health site, but targetting women.


Weight Loss - Lean gains is a good blog about intermitent fasting.


Good Health - Healthy gamer is a good resource for people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, not just gamers.




Health and Fitness Google+ Communities

The Fitness Ninjas - This is a private community, but you just need to ask to get in and you'll be set. The people here are very helpful and provide good support.

Health and Fitness Unlimited - The moderator of this community posts a tonne of content every single day. Definitely worth joining.



Calorie Counter

Recipe Search 

Runtastic Pro 

Zombies, Run! - This app turns your run into a game of fleeing from zombies.


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