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Designmodo Review: Great Website Designs and Components that are Inexpensive or Free

DesignmodoAs a software and web developer, I spend most of my time writing code and spend a lot less time designing interfaces. Honestly, I just don't have the time to spend on interface design, but even if I did have the time, it's definitely not my strong suit.

That's why I usually leave the UI side of things to the professionals, and I look for designs and components that are available in one of two ways: free, or cheap. 

Of course, the catch with wanting UI designs and components free or cheap is finding ones that are also of high quality. Well, that's not a problem any more.



I'd like to introduce you to Designmodo.

Designmodo is an online resource that is chalk-full of goodness. They have website designs, components, interface packs, as well as tutorials, and even code!

Another couple of cool features offered by Designmodo are their Inspiration and Resource sections. If you're in the process of building out your UI but need to find some inspiration, or maybe you need to brush up on good A/B testing practices, then take a look in the appropriate section there.

I personally think that their UI packs are fantastic! Even better than that, they also give you working examples on how to get things working, so you're not left on your own to figure things out. 


Good Recommendations Summary

I am currently using some of Designmodo's components on a new project, and I am really happy with things. They have a good selection of high-quality components that have an excellent, modern, aesthetic to them. I highly recommend you check them out. 

Link: Designmodo.