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By day I'm a professional software and website developer, but I also do a lot of indie projects on the side in my own time, and I've found to be an invaluable resource for taking care of tasks that are outside of my skill-set. For example, I hired someone there to design and illustrate a mascot for a game I'm writing.

But that's just one example; at you'll find people who can handle all kinds of tasks for you, and all starting at just $5.00!

The flip-side is that if you are able to perform low-cost tasks, you can go to and offer your skills to those who will pay you for them.


Review is swiftly becoming the go-to place for people to hire individuals to handle all kinds of things that you don't have the time (or perhaps skill) to handle yourself. A perfect example, as previously mentioned, is my hiring someone to design and illustrate a mascot. I am not a graphics artist, and I needed a high-quality mascot to represent my game.

A few minutes on allowed me to go through dozens of able artists, checking out examples of their work and their pricing models as I browsed through the site's intuitive interface. I quickly found an artist whose style matched with what I had in mind and whose pricing model I felt was fair, and I was able to then hire that artist and three days later I had my mascot in hand. No muss no fuss.

There's a lot more at than artists, though. You can find people to translate documents, provide voiceovers, review your website, test mobile apps, make small personalized gifts, and much much more. Here are some graphics of just a few of the services you can find there: Blog Post Gig Gift Gig Business Promotion Gig Translation Gig Logo Design Gig

Like I said, is also a place for people with marketable skills to go to as well. Whether you're an artists or an artisan, you can find gigs at


How it Works

It's really straight-forward--when you sign up for a free account at, you immediately have access to either hire people who are offering gigs, or offer a gig of your own.

What's a gig? It's the service that's up for hire.

You're probably wondering about larger services at how could anything of real substance be offered for just five bucks? That's where's tiered pricing comes into play. The base price for all gigs is $5.00, but people are able to offer tiered pricing for gigs based on features purchased or time spent.

Here's an example of a real gig on "I will program C Sharp, WPF and WinForms for 30 minutes for $5". This same gig offers extras like "sparsely commenting" the source for for an extra $5.00, and creating an implementation plan for $20.00.

A great feature offered by is enforcement of a service level agreement. When you pay for your gig, places a hold on the funds that you pay until you indicate that you are happy with the services rendered, and that is when the person that you hired gets paid. This ensures that you're not going to get ripped off, and that your gig will be completed in a timely manner.

Good Recommendations Summary is a great service for people who need to hire some additional talent, or for those who have talent to offer. With a free membership, and gigs starting at only $5.00, you're missing out if you don't give them a try.