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A List of Corona SDK Tutorials, Resources & Tools

First, I want to give credit to the person who originally built this list, David Papandrew. He originally had this list hosted at, but sadly that domain expired and this list was almost lost (no link because it's now a malware site--don't go there). I was able to salvage it using the Way Back Machine over at, and have resurrected it here.

Everything listed below is presented as it was on the orignal Learning Corona website.

There are a good number of excellent tutorials and learning resources for people new to Anscamobile's Corona SDK. Unfortunately, many of them are scattered and hard to find. I have attempted to gather them all up in one place for easy reference in the hopes that other folks new to Corona might benefit from this.

Newest resource added: Create a Balloon Game by Carlos Ynez on May 20, 2012