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Get Your Customized Pet Tags

Canadian Pet TagsI want to take the time to tell you about a business that a good friend of mine has started, called Canadian Pet Tags (

The service you'll find there allows you to order a pet tag that is customized to your liking. There are dozens of pre-built templates to choose from, or if you have a design of your own then you can have it turned into a tag for your dog or cat.

Of course the tag you receive is high quality and looks great, but you can also take it a step further. If you provide your contact information then it will be printed onto the back of the tag, which provides a level of security and comfort in case your pet gets lost.

The price for each customized tag is very reasonable, and there is a guaranteed time of 3 days from the time you place your order to it being shipped.

For our US neightbors, don't let the name of the site put you off, as they do ship to the US as well!

Check them out, at