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PowerBlock Weight Set

The Free Weight Problem

I got into using weights for Resistance Training years ago.  


To start with, I was working out on the machines at the Gym. This was great for the major muscles that they are designed to target, but there is not much flexibility to work on anything else. Not to mention, you have to go to the gym to use machines.


I soon learned that to work smaller, or specific muscles I needed adjustable ankle weights for legs and core, and dumbbells for the arms and upper body work. Unlike the big Gym machines these can be used easily at home too. But there was a problem.


If you have ever used dumbbells you will know what it's like to have a messy corner, with a series of weights stacked one on top of the other, the smaller (lighter )weights at the top of the pile. Beside them on the floor would be various bars waiting to have weights fitted to them.


To change from one weight level to another was a time consuming affair. Firstly you have to detach the weights currently on the bar, then scan down the stack of black weights  for the correct replacement. Next you lift all the others off the stack to get to it, and finally attach the new weight to the bar and resume your workout. Far from seamless, and that does not include stacking all the weights again when you are done.


At the time the only  alternative was to buy a Dumbbell Rack.


This saves time and makes transitions between weights easier, but for this to work you need to buy a lot of dumbbells, fully assembled, in a range of weight levels.  It's expensive and takes up more space.


The PowerBlock Solution

I love it when I come across a product that changes the game, and this is just such a product.


One day I was watching one of my favorite fitness YouTubers, Jeff Cavalier, and saw that he was using these weird looking dumbbells that seemed so easy to work with and tidy to store. I was intrigued and began doing some research. I discovered that the weights are called PowerBlock Dumbbells, and they are a genius invention.


The way these weights works is they stack inside of one another and are held together by a sturdy pin. This brilliant design allows me to have all the flexibility I need for my workouts without the mess; it's great for building Muscle.


My preferred system is the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells set. This set has a starter set of weights that range in 5 pound increments from 5-50 pounds on each dumbbell. That's the equivelant of 20 individual dumbbells all in just 2 dumbbells.


Even better, through the purchase of expansion kits, these 2 dumbbells can go up to 90 pounds each! Want more weight? You can upgrade to the 130 pound per hand version.


If you don't need to go that high in weight, there's also the standard PowerBlock Sport set. This 24 piece set gives you flexibility of using 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18.21 or 24 pounds per hand. That replaces 8 pairs of fixed weight Dumbbells and removes the need for the bulky weight rack as well.


In addition to dumbbells, the PowerBlock Kettle Block has been developed. There are two versions, one that goes from 5-20 pounds, and one that goes up to 40 pounds. Between the dumbbells and the kettle block, I can get a full body workout at home, and I can store all of my weights in an inconspicuous cupboard.


No matter what set you choose, the ingenious color-coded selector pin system makes changing weight levels a breeze, and as an added bonus, instead of a solid metal bar, the handle is padded for safety.


When my workout is done, I have a neat  set of weights measuring only 13 inches long, by 8 inches wide and eight inches high. Obviously this stores anywhere, without cluttering up half of my room (something my wife really approves of).


All in all its brilliant, and with a range of targeted exercises  I can do all the specific muscle work I want.


Good Recommendations Summary

PowerBlock Dumbbells are one of the best inventions to hit the fitness industry in a long time. With no more weight racks, and easy weight selection and storage, I'd say that these are probably the best investment I've made for my personal training.

And best of all, to top it off there is a ten year warranty.

PowerBlock Dumbbells are highly recommended!