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SVN Canada Review - Recommended

As you may have gathered from my previous posts, I workout regularly, and like many natural lifters I use supplements to help out with my nutritional requirements. Also like many lifters, I used to go to one of the health and fitness chain stores (like GNC, etc) to buy those supplements. A while ago I decided to start getting my supplements from an online supplier, so I explored my options.

Initially I checked out and as you'd expect they had a lot of options, but I wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal possible, so I kept searching. That's when I found SVN Canada.

SVN Canada

One of the biggest things that I like about SVN Canada is right in the name - they're a Canadian company; me being a Canadian, I like to support a Canadian company.

Patriotism aside, the most impressive thing about SVN is their pricing. The prices that they offer are a lot better than those offered by even Amazon! 

Another great thing is the amount of stock that they have. Basically, whatever kind of natural supplement (read: not steroids) you're looking for, SVN probably has it.

Their site is really easy to navigate, and most of the products on there have been reviewed by others, so it was easy for me to find exactly what I was looking for: a whey protein isolate, along with some creatine. I added the items to my cart, created an account and then proceeded to pay through their secure site. In case you don't want to enter your credit card information, they also offer an option to pay using PayPal.

Once my order was placed, it was on the Canada Post truck that same day (they typically try to ship no later than the day following the day you place your order), and it arrived two days after that. I was impressed with how quickly my order was fulfilled and shipped.

If the great prices, selection, and efficient delivery aren't enough for you, then how about this: I opted into receiving notifications about sales, coupons, etc, and these guys have special promotions and coupon code send outs all the time. These aren't some crappy little $5.00 promotions either; I get codes for 10%, 15%, 20% off of my entire order, serious discounts on great products, and more.

Still not enough for you? How about a free gift with every order? I don't know if there's a lower limit to get a free gift, as my orders are usually $50.00+, but I've been offered the choice to choose a free gift with every order I've placed. That's right, choose a gift (as in, there's more than one to choose from). Usually you can choose from things like protein bars, protein powder samples, and shaker cups. Sweet right?

Beyond the free gift, every order you place earns you "SVN Points". As you accumulate these, you can cash them in on future orders for discounts.

If that's still not enough for you then how about free shipping for all orders over $49.00? 

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this company.

Good Recommendations Summary

SVN Canada is a company that offer supplements, vitamins, and nutrition products, all at some of the best prices online. Not only that, but they give you free stuff, points for future discounts, and free shipping for orders over $49.00. 

I've been using them for a few years now, and finally decided to write this post. This company is absolutely recommended.